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  • happiness_can_be_found_even_in_the_darkest_of_times_if_one_only_remembers_to_turn_on_the_lights
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even_if_i_can_find_heaven_ill_walk_through_hell_with_you1 happiness_can_be_found_even_in_the_darkest_of_times_if_one_only_remembers_to_turn_on_the_light2 happiness_can_be_found_even_in_the_darkest_of_times_if_one_only_remembers_to_turn_on_the_lights3 i_dont_mean_to_sound_like_a_cheap_prostitute_but_you_can_call_me_what_you_like4 music_in_the_soul_can_be_heard_by_the_universe5 music_washes_away_from_the_soul_the_dust_of_everyday_life6 music_washes_away_from_the_soul_the_dust_of_everyday_life_27 when_words_leave_off_music_begins8 where_words_fail_music_speaks9
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